About Us

Kelsale-cum-Carlton is a tiny village near Suffolk’s beautiful East coast. There are some 400 houses, home to around 1,000 people.

A couple of years ago, thanks to a grant from the Local Energy Assessment Fund, we started a journey that has led to the establishment, in March 2014, of Power4KcC – a community owned community benefit co-op devoted to renewable energy and energy conservation.

Read more about our co-op, how it was set, and how it works.

Who are we?

Power4KcC is managed by a board of six volunteer directors, and a company secretary.  We started life as a sub-committee of the parish council but transformed ourselves into the inaugural board once the company was registered.  We’ll stay in place till the Inaugural General Meeting which will elect the board for the longer term.

You’ll find details of the current directors’ backgrounds on our Meet the team page.