Share Offer

We’ve reached the target for the first project, so our initial share offer is now closed.  However, we’ve set out here the main features of that offer, and you can Download a copy of the prospectus here.


In brief the main terms of the offer were as follows:

  • We were offering 900 shares in Power4KcC at £20 each
  • We aimed to raise £18k for our first project…
  • …to install solar PV panels to help power the village hall and social club.
  • Anyone buying shares becomes a society member and gets one vote, no matter how many shares they’ve bought
  • The solar panels will generate 8kWp and lead to savings in the electricity bills of both the village hall and the social club
  • Investors may be able to get your money out earlier, but we expect to be able to repay all the money after 20 years
  • Although there are no guarantees we expect to be able to offer an interest rate of between  3-4% annually
  • The maximum investment by any individual at the time was limited to £20,000 but has since increased to £50,000